KR not working on multiple tabs

Hi all, I am new to Katalon Recorder. My requirements are that:

  1. The process begins with a number of web pages already opened in tabs.
  2. Play KR to click a couple of buttons on the active tab.
  3. KR to close the active tab. Then another tab becomes active.
  4. KR to repeat steps 2 and 3 until all tabs are done and closed.

open | https://www
click | id=select-check
click | id=add-to
close | win_ser_local

The problem I have is that it only works on the first tab. How do I get it to work on all the tabs please? Thanks

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Hi, thank you for your suggestion. Currently, the execution only happens within the currently active tab, once it closes, the execution can’t really work unless you explicitly open a new tab by using the command open. We’re working on a more general problem of tab manipulation which should allow you to do this!

Hi ThanhTo, thanks for the assuring response. I will try using the data-driven facility to open the pages from Excel.

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