Mac11 version[Big Surr] is not compatible with Katalon as expected

My team is using Katalon for mobile automation, recently they upgraded to Mac11 OS version[Big Surr] , and it is not compatible with Katalon as expected.
Any ETA from Katalon team for the solution? or any recommendations.

Yes, there were several defects in Katalon Studio on macOS 11.x.

@duyluong reported in Dec 2020 that it is due to problems that occurs for macOS Big Sur + Eclipse platform :

I know some of the problems have been fixed by upgrading macOS to new one.

I do not think there is a complete list of known “Katalon + BigSur issues” published.

All I can say to you

  • you should update macOS to the most recent version 11.4
  • you should update Katalon Studio to recent version
  • then, see how they go

I have macOS 11.4 now and use Katalon Studio 7.9.1 or higher. I find no issues due to the combination with Big Sur; although every single KS releases has its own issues yet but I find no Big Sur issues any longer.

Hi @kmeenakshi,

The issues are listed by @kazurayam are resolved in our latest release v8.0.5 with macOS Big Sur 11.3+.
All other issues will be fixed in v8.1.0. It’s better if you list out some issues you are facing, maybe they will be fixed in v8.1.0 or helping us acknowledge and fix in another release.