Bugs on Mac OS big sur

Hi guys,

Recently been updated my Mac OS to Big Sur, found out several bugs on using Katalon Studio causing me unable to work so smoothly
First issue:
Notice that the first time opening the test case, test suite and test collection, all the test steps, test cases or test suite that i had bind are hidden. I have to manually click it then it will only appear.

Second Issue:
When i try to create/rename/delete objects, test case or anything from test explorer, the reorganisation seems like not working properly, it may still shows the old object or new object did not shows directly after i perform an action until i had to manually press command+a key to make it appear

Third Issue:
Katalon Studio seems quite frequent force close itself when i’m perform save action on scripting, creating objects.

Not sure you guys did face this few issue above, i had try to reinstall the Katalon however it still happens. Hope anyone can help and @Katalon_team @ThanhTo @devalex88 note about these issues, thanks.

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Katalon Team is already aware of a few issues on macOS Big Sur.

One example is:

I am longing for the fix as well.


any comment?

Then hope you guys can solve asap, bcos these issues quite disturbing me on my daily routine, thanks

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still facing the same issue until now.

Hello everyone

We already released v7.9.1. Please upgrade and validate if the issues still occur. Note that v7.9.0 shipped the IDE platform upgrade and macOS build notarization which can substantially improve Katalon Studio’s performance in macOS.

If you upgrade from v7.9.0, you can use Help > Check for updates… for an in-app upgrade. Learn more

If you currently use a version prior to v7.9.0, download the latest version from our website due to the core engine upgrade. To reuse Preferences from previous versions, refer to this guide.

More details regarding this release, see here.

Happy testing


Kindly remove such abomination from the docs.
It is known that upgrade cause more problem that it solves.
Suggest the right path (download and unpack a fresh release)

Hi @Jass,

I have recently upgraded my Mac OS to Big Sur and I am using Katalon 7.9.1 and have found that there are number of minor user interface type issues in the main console but the biggest issue I am having is with the Object Spy and Web Recorder.

The issue is that when I capture more than 1 object with either the Object Spy or the Web Recorder every object adopts the object properties of the first object captured.
This basically makes the Web Recorder useless and the Object Spy very dysfunctional because you can only capture 1 object at a time, which in turn makes building tests very slow.

Can you give me an update on when this issue will be fixed?

Below are some screen shots to illustrate the issue, but please let me know if you need more information.

Hi team , any update for this issue ? I still facing blue bar block i want to see
I use Katalon 7.9.1 and Big Sur 11.2.3

Hi @dlobban,

We already added a ticket to fix this issue to our backlog that will release in v8.1.

Thanks for your report.

Hi all,

The issue relevant to object properties is fixed in version 8.1.0. Please see the Release note for more details.

Thank you for your attention!

Nam Nguyen.

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