Empty test case show

My test cases already recorded on MacOS Catalina
I updated MacOS Catalina to MacOS Big Sur
I clicked on test cases and show empty content
After i click on row, test case content appear

Please let us know how would your work be affected if this issue has not been resolved?

  1. I can continue my job, resolving this ticket can boost my performance

Operating System

MacOS Big Sur 11.0.1

Katalon Studio Version

Katalon 7.7.2

Katalon Studio logs

Screenshots / Videos

Hi, same problem

I’m also seeing this issue after updating to Big Sur, hoping to see an update from Katalon soon on this somewhere! Definitely makes using Katalon Studio very difficult.

@duyluong @ThanhTo

Just a side comment but users has to be aware.
Big Sur is more Big than Sur(e).
In our company, upgrading to this boy has been denied at enterpise level due due do multiple issues (inconsistencies with certain api’s, plenty security issues and potential cases where the device may be bricked)
At this moment, if i will be an Mac user, i will refrain a bit from opening various bugs related to third party apps in use on this platform before to raise any claim.

Lucky me, i am not a Mac user, but you have been warned

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Would be good if you provided some links to documented cases…

@Russ_Thomas unfortunately it is an internal document issued by our security team, but googling a bit may show a lot of issues.
What i am trying to say is not that this wont be handled by katalon team. I am positive will be adressed.
But this time may take a while until big sur reach a stable status.

Big Sur? Bug Sir!


Hi all,

Thanks for report this issue and sharing your experiences. We are working on the fix for macOS Big Sur and will release it soon.

From my experiences of using macOS, please don’t upgrade macOS major version immediately after Apple has just announced. Just wait for a stable version from Apple, the production applications release a fix for this version and the IT teams confirm it is safe to upgrade.


the above advice is available for windows too. don’t jump immediately on the latest build or use the development ring on production machines.

Yeah, I forgot about Windows. Microsoft recently releases Windows 10 production build more frequently and introduce more bugs too.

Hello everyone,

The Katalon team published release 7.8.1 to fix the bug of not displaying items in table and tree views on macOS Big Sur. Please upgrade!

Happy Testing