Mac 10.15 Catalina not working


Katalon won’t load on Mac 10.15 Catalina (latest beta). This OS is set to be released in a few days. Has anyone been able to run this on Catalina?


Shout out: @devalex88 @ThanhTo @duyluong


try this. the guide is for mojave but i think is same in catalina too:


Please try the DMG package in version 7.0 RC2.


Where do I find that download?



I had the same problem. I downloaded the Katalon Studio from the same link you provided and the same version you said. After downloading and copying to applications When I try to start katalon Studio, it gives same error. Kindly tell solution. @devalex88


You can use the solution @devalex88 suggested, but you will need to click ‘Ok’ on the dialog and then open the security-section of the settings-app.
There you need to allow this app to open on your Mac.
After that you will get another dialog, where you can click ‘open’ again and the app will open.


hello. Thanku for your response.
Can you please tell me indetails what to do? I could not understand the procedure you tell. Please


if you are talking about this, I already tried this but still it gives the error.


I think its an easy fix. At least it worked for me! Check the solution here. Apple seems to be introducing more software signing verifications but check it out here:


@ziarasheed15 You need to navigate to the General-tab in your Security & Privacy settings. There should be a prompt where you can allow Katalon to be opened. But @lisahaydenmatthews solution should also work just fine.


and blame Mac for being paranoid, not katalon team :slight_smile: