Log on Katalon 7.X.X and 6.XX

Hi,I used to easily login to versions 6.X.X and now only my computer name has been changed and I can’t log in to these versions.
While I easily log in to versions 7.X.X
Thank you for your help.

Hi there,

User won’t be able to activate and use Katalon Studio 6.x and all of its previous versions after 30-April 2020. We encourage you to use Katalon Studio 7 to ensure business continuity.
Katalon wants to provide you with a stable and quality test automation experience, which, if you continue using the unsupported versions, cannot be guaranteed.

If you haven’t upgraded to a newer version (v7), you may experience these following impacts:

  • You won’t be able to activate Katalon Studio 6.x and all of its previous versions
  • There will be no driver updates. This means your tests may not be compatible with the future updated browsers, OSs, and frameworks.
  • There will be no security and performance patches, which means these versions might potentially expose instability and vulnerability.
  • There won’t be future maintenance for documentation, support, or bug fixes for these versions.

thanks sang for your reply :tulip:

Connect your device to Xcode.
Go to Settings -> Developer > turn ON UIAutomation.
Check if your device is recognized using the following commands on Terminal

cd /Applications/Katalon\ Studio.app/Contents/Eclipse/configuration/resources/tools/imobiledevice idevice_id -l
If your iOS version is iOS 11, make sure Katalon Studio’s version is 5.3+.

Developer option is turned on.
A trusted connection is established by tapping on ‘Trust this computer’ whenever this dialog is displayed on your device.
Check if the device is listed using adb command:
On Windows command line/ MacOS terminal: Navigate to platform-tools folder in \platform-tools.
Type in “adb devices” and observe devices listed there. Make sure that your corrected device is listed there with online status.