Hi support admin, I have an issue for load plugins online for KRE, KSE 8.5.0, 8.6.0
Precondition : I’am using account enterprise, config load plugins is online
Description : I trying load tow plugins is Test Case Management With Tags and Basic Search For Dynamic Test Suite but not active

Can you help me reslove it? Many thanks!

From version 8.5.0, Test Case Management With Tags and Basic Search For Dynamic Test Suite becomes the official built-in feature of Katalon Studio.


The Katalon Store pages should be revised: they should display the “Note: From version 8.5.0, …” in the Katalon Store page. I’ve noticed that at least 2 users have missed that note, got confused and posted questions here.

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Thank @kazurayam for the suggestion. We updated the Katalon Store pages with the notes :blush:

I’m using KRE version 8.6.0 and KSE version 8.5.5
No, I don’t think that not issue. After my post public. I refer this post :Katalon Plugins are expired and I can not return them to active status
Exactly that is my issue. I want using plugins with CLI mode with license active online. Can not installed two plugins


You gave us a StackTrace :

Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
at com.kms.katalon.platform.internal.provider.DynamicQueryingTestSuiteProviderImpl.getFilteredTestCases(DynamicQueryingTestSuiteProviderImpl.java.81)

You seem to be asking us why this NullPointerException is raised. That’s fair enough. Any NPE surely indicates some bugs in the Katalon products.

I haven’t seen any similar query as this in this forum. I can not look at this issue any further because the souce codes of these plugins are not published visible to us (I could not find the source in GitHub).

=> @xuan.tran

You seem to have a payed license. Then you should be able to raise an official support request to Katalon. Why not you ask them in the officail channel, not in the user forum?

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Hi @anhlt3.os,
Since 8.5.0 these 2 plugins have become built-in features, so basically you don’t need to install these plugins from the Store anymore.
For the NullPointerException in the screenshot, can you provide us the Error Log (.log) file for further investigation? Thank you so much :two_hearts: