Is there any free version to use?

hello, everyone

we are a small test team, now we are looking for a UI testing tool. I just tried katalon studio, it’s useful! but our team just start on this area, we want to look for a free one, is this tool has free version to use now?

You can use Katalon studio for free with limited features and limited users, projects and support. You can check Katalon Pricing | Flexible Plans for Teams & Projects of any size, There is 30-days trails version you can explore with KSE(Katalon studio enterprise) and KRE (katalon runtime engine). After that you can upgrade. Hopefully this will help you.

The “free” version and the “paid for” version are the same for the first 30 days. After 30 days, some of the features of KS, like “debugging”, are disabled–you will get an error message that “this” feature is available in the “paid for” version. It depends what type of testing you are doing I think, whether or not you need the “features”.

One note though is you are limited to 2000 tests per month with the “free” version.

“Katalon Studio - Standalone Edition” — I believe it is equal to the “Free” one in the Katalon Pricing | Flexible Plans for Teams & Projects of any size page.

got it! it’s very useful

got it! thanks