KShare is now available on the Katalon Community Hub! 🎉

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Hi Community members, :wave:

Today, we are proud to bring KShare - a collaboration between Katalon’s Community and Product Support teams - to Katalon Commuity Hub to empower you in your testing projects via high-quality, custom-made Katalon Platform use cases and solutions.

KShare represents the Support team’s know-how on the Katalon Platform, taken from their experiences working with many of our global clients who often require complex testing scenarios and flexible solutions that can adapt to their various platforms and testing environments. These articles are valuable for all Katalon users to learn more about the Katalon Platform’s features and functionalities.

Not only will you now be able to access KShare articles quickly and easily, but you can also:

  • Get to know the contributors behind each article, and
  • Conveniently book a demo with us to experience first-hand how the Katalon Platform can boost your testing efficiency.

Check out KShare on Katalon Community Hub

Whenever you find a KShare article helpful, don’t forget to leave a heart :heart: or share it with your colleague and team members!

Thank you very much to the Product Support team (@support.squad), and we cannot wait to see what you have in store for us!

If you would like to know more about KShare, or each of the contributors behind KShare, simply reply to this topic below! :point_down:


To celebrate this special occasion, we also got a chance to interview some of the Product Support team members, who are also the main contributors behind the KShare articles, to hear their thoughts on KShare and how it came to be.

Check it out below :point_down:


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