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Jordan Bartley (@jordan.bartley) is our Product Support Specialist based in the US who is in charged of supporting many of our Enterprise clients. Let’s hear how he reflects on his role within the KShare project and more …

1. Based on your experiences supporting many of our US-based and global clients, what would you say are the biggest challenge(s) that:

  • They face when integrating Katalon into their testing workflow, and
  • Your team face when supporting these types of clients?

Many of our clients have custom environments and security requirements that require additional steps to implement properly. This includes anything from a secured environment that is not connected to the public internet, to managing VPN connections for secure connections. Implementing the proper steps to function in these environments is critical for our clients to reduce blockers and stoppages in work. Our team will focus first on the environment and make the proper preparations with clients to set up their working environment in any way they may need.

For us, we focus on locating and correcting any unexpected issues arising from these complex environments and assisting clients with unique testing environments, such as custom applications and websites. Some of the bigger challenges we face are replicating the testing environments and finding creative solutions that allow us to help clients directly on what they are working with, since we may not always have direct access to the client’s machines and testing environments.

2. What do you think are some of the benefits of sharing KShare articles to all Katalon users?

The KShare articles series allows us to provide direct advice, guidance, and tips and tricks to our users for not just general issues, but also specific issues such as Salesforce environment testing. And we encourage you, our reader, to leave your feedback and comments on our articles so that we can learn more from you and improve KShare as we go along.

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Jordan Bartley (@jordan.bartley) - Product Support Specialist
Jordan has worked in Quality Assurance, Automated Testing, and Specialist Support roles for several years before joining Katalon. Through his experience, he shows an innate desire to assist clients, take on challenging problems, and work cross functionally with team members to create new solutions.