[KShare] Meet our contributors! ✍️

Let’s hear from Linh Nguyen (@linh.nguyen) - our Product Support Manager - on how the KShare project came to be…

1. How did KShare come to be? What drives you to share your team’s expertise with the wider community of Katalon users?

The “Troubleshooting project”, which I ran for many years, is the antecedent of the KShare project. This is an internal initiative to identify the scope of the products and gain in-depth knowledge of how each offered product functions to improve the quality of the assistance. After that, we worked together with our clients to diagnose and troubleshoot their problems, identifying the underlying reason, and making necessary corrections. I recognize the benefit of using that strategy; customers are satisfied with the advice given and are aware of how the product functions.

Not just the product knowledge but also the experience in automated testing. To assist clients in their projects, we occasionally needed to develop custom keywords on our own or research how third-party tools functioned when we came across cases that called for a solution from Katalon products.

All of the precious expertise and understanding we have accumulated over the years comes from Katalon users. As a result, we wished to share them with the community to expand on the expertise surrounding automation testing and Katalon Products.

2. How do you decide on which topic to write about for each article?

The Katalon Product Support team observes the submitted cases on a weekly basis to identify common questions. Next, we investigate the questions’ underlying causes, come up with a solution, and publish the findings as KShare articles for Katalon users.

As we normally receive a lot of queries on a variety of topics each week, we do need to decide on the importance of the questions and the quantity of answers we can get quickly in order to rank the articles in order of priority.

3. What does it mean to you when your articles, and the other articles written by others in your team, are well-received by Katalon users?

As I mentioned earlier, we are honored to share with the wider Katalon user community our automation testing know-how and Katalon product knowledge, which we gained through Katalon users, through KShare.

Our goal is to categorize articles based on various topics. Articles can be located more easily and continuously followed up on more successfully.

Positive community interaction or feedback on our articles would be a great way for us to know that our work is valued and would inspire us to contribute even more. And it also helps us to raise the standard of our articles.

Linh Nguyen
Linh Nguyen (@linh.nguyen) - Product Support Manager at Katalon
Linh is the Product Support team Manager at Katalon. She spent many years working as an Automation Testing QA before joining Katalon Product Support as a technical support expert. Based on her experiences, she usually provides consumers with highly applicable solutions. She now manages her team with a user-centric approach to guarantee customers greater success with Katalon Products.

Thank you very much Linh for sharing. We wish you and your team all the best with KShare! :tada: