KS Runtime fails to load plugins vs 7.9

Continuing the discussion from TestOps Executions-Re-import removes test results:

  • Katalon Studio Version: 7.9
  • OS Version:Windows 2019
  • Browser Version:87

Steps to Reproduce:

1.Created TestOps RunType - see screenshot with new names

2. Set KS version to 7.9
3. Plug-ins failed to load.

Please follow link as it has the details. (Logs, screenshots, etc.)
It is in that post because when the test fails, no results are loaded and test never completes. (Even though it failed in less than a minute.) That issue is “failed to load results”.

I’m adding this post to address “failed to load plugins”.
Issue does not happen when selecting version 7.8.2

The plug-ins are associated by profile and I created a new profile for TestOps execution. (So I could distinguish my local executions from TestOps executions).

I logged into TestOps with the new account and added the plugin to the new profile and it worked.

This issue can be closed.

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