[KS - Linux] Login/Activation window not appear

Hello. When the application is launched, the account login window does not show. The “Log in” form does not work.
openjdk 17.0.6, Katalon_Studio_Linux_64-8.5.5
.log (75.8 KB)
1676487792883.log (4.7 KB)

Hi @sla-vik,

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I’m moving your topic to our Bugs Report category so that other members could support your better.

Could you also provide us with more information such as your Linux version & distribution, and a screenshot/video of how Katalon Studio look like when you launched it? Thanks!

Снимок экрана_2023-02-16_11-52-28

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Hi chị Jass, could you have a look at this user’s issue? Many thanks chị!

any solution to the issue?

Hi there @sla-vik,

Our apologies for the long overdue reply.

We have been informed that this issue was caused by the Katalon Studio version 8.5.5 not having support for Java 17. You can update to the latest version of Katalon Studio version 9.0.0 beta which would resolve this issue :point_down: