Added test suite fails to show in commit,as it is not appeared in unstaged changes

We have a regression test suite collection where we add all the test suite to run and create report, I am not able to commit my changes after adding a test suite > Save > Commit.
as nothing appears under unstaged changes.

*Steps to reproduce

  1. Open Test suite collection
  2. Add > select test suite > run configuration
  3. Save
  4. Commit > Git staging

*Expected Results
Changed test suite collection should be displayed
*Actual Results
Commit window is empty after waiting for 10-15 min
*Screenshots / Videos


Number of affected users?

*Operating System
e.g. Windows 11

*Katalon Studio version
e.g. version 7.3.1

*Katalon Studio logs
.log (808.9 KB)


I tried to reproduce it on my machine.

Then yes, I did not find the changed Test Suite Collection in the “unstaged changes”.


I looked the EGit UI clicking many places in the UI, then after 10 seconds or so I found the Test Suite Collection appeared!

It seems EGit worked very slowly!

By the way I never use the “Git integration in Katalon Studio”. I always use the git command in the Terminal app. The git command works super fast always.

Hi @Elly_Tran,

Could you take a look at this topic em?


Hi @neha.chka ,

Thank you for letting us know your issue and very detailed report. I will create a ticket for this issue and let you know soon if any updates


From your information, we have something to point out as the following:

  • Permission issue: The Katalon Studio could not access the file C:\Users\10707101\.katalon\ Have you run on the right user and have the right permission?
  • The log file is too old; please update the newest one.
  • The KS version is too old; please try to upgrade to 8.6.x or latest version;
    Hope this is clear to you.

GitHub desktop is also a good solution for pushing commits.

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Yes, I have a permission to Access the file.
Also the log file which I posted is the latest after the issue occurred.
I will check if we can update our Katalon.

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