KS 5.3.1 Tabs/Spaces settings broken


Hi Guys

I just upgraded to 5.3.1 Build 1. KS is inserting Tabs even though I have it set like so. These settings worked in the previous build.

Snipping Tool 2018-03-09 07.23.23.jpg


Is someone going to report this? Add a ticket? it’s so annoying I’m considering moving back to the previous version.



Hi Russ,

Thanks for your information. We just want to claim don’t have any changes to that ‘Text Editors’ settings.

Do you have a screenshot showing the actual result you are facing?



Sorry Vinh, I could have been more clear in my first report.

The settings I’m using are as the image I posted. KS is insisting on using TABS (not spaces) and they’re set to 4-space width.

Since making the report, I have figured out a solution: I edited Preferences -> Java -> Code Style -> Formatter like so:

I did not need to do this in the previous version of KS, I only needed to modify the settings like the first image above. The KS General -> Editors -> Text Editors settings have no effect – shouldn’t they override the eclipse settings?


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Hi Russ,

The test case is the groovy file. And, it will apply all settings as groovy editor.

However, all settings are inherited from Java Formatter. So, the script code applied the format which you configured in Java > Code Style > Formatter.

For more details : https://mcuoneclipse.com/2012/09/14/spaces-vs-tabs-in-eclipse/

Thank you,
Thai Tran



Sorry, Thai, I am not following you here at all. I understand the tabs/spaces settings are inherited from the Java Formatter settings. But, the general settings (see my first post) should override them, I believe. In the previous version of KS , all I needed to do was change the general settings. In 5.3.1, I need to modify the settings in the Java formatter.

So, if the new way of doing it is the right way of doing it, what are the general tabs/spaces settings for now?

The way for KMS to solve this is to decide what the code should do, then test that it does do what it should do, then document it properly.

If I understand what I think you are trying to explain to me… and if I understand what the code is actually doing in 5.3.1… the general setting has no meaningful purpose.



This is still a problem even after upgrading to 5.4.2

None of my settings came across.


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