Katalon Runtime Engine trial license


I’m trying to use Katalon.

sign up a week ago.
download KSE and KRE at same machine.

download sample test case (shopping-cart-tests)

KSE well done.
but KRE not work with error message.

Start activating online…
Invalid license.
Trial license is only available for Katalon accounts registered with a business email.
Online activation for console mode failed.
Activation failed. Please make sure you are using a valid license.

TestOps > Licenses >

What’s wrong??

Hi @hinojn2

KRE trial is available for business email only (non-gmail yahoo outlook, etc). Please help to recheck the business email, and also remember to include API key in your command line.

Thank you for response. and…

How do you know that email is whether business email or not?

I think it will have to be something other than gmail, yahoo, outlook, etc.