./katalonc command is not returning any output in ubuntu vm

I am using ubuntu vm and have installed openjdk 17 and also downloaded and extracted Katalon run time engine tar file.
Now I am trying to run test suite using ./katalonc from within the extracted folder where the executable is present, but this command is not returning any output.
If the same command is executed in Mac, I am able to run the test suite and also seeing logs within the same terminal window.
Can someone help me out.


Hi @varun.rocks03,

You need to download Katalon Runtime Engine (not Katalon Studio) v9.x onward then run katalonc command


Hi @duyluong

I am using the same Katalon Studio engine - Katalon_Studio_Engine_Linux_64-9.2.0.

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Hi @varun.rocks03,

Please show me some screenshots about these commands

java -version

Hi @duyluong

Earlier I used ubuntu vm with intel processor and I was seeing issues.
But when I changed it to amd processor , I am able to execute the test scripts.
Probably, this has to be called out in system requirements.