Unable to run Katalon collection from command line

I am using latest Katalon Studio on Mac with openjdk 17.
I have a test collection created with couple of test suites and each test suite has more than one test case.
When this collection is created, the format is being saved as .tsc, but the command line syntax shows the testSuiteCollectionPath should point to file whose extension is .tsc. Can someone help me here to understand the discrepancy. Anyhow, I tried running the testSuiteCollection, but an error is being thrown that test Suite is not found - Test suite β€˜/Users/enishetty.v/Katalon\ Studio/katalon-project/Test\ Suites/TestCollection2’ not found.
I am using below command to execute the test collection:

./katalonc -runMode=console -browserType="Chrome" -retry=0 -statusDelay=15 -testSuiteCollectionPath="/Users/<my-user-name>/Katalon\ Studio/katalon-project/Test\ Suites/TestCollection2" -apiKey="<my-api-key>" -nosplash~ -projectPath="/Users/<my-user-name>/Katalon Studio/katalon-project/<my-project>.prj"
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Check the doc:

The example in the doc uses a relative path of a Test Suite collection (relative to the projectPath), but you gave an absolute path.

Possibly you want something like:

./katalonc ... -testSuiteCollectionPath="Test Suites/TestCollection2" ... -projectPath="/Users/<my-user-name>/Katalon Studio/katalon-project/<my-project>.prj"

@kazurayam Thanks for the reply.
Can you also help me how we can generate collective pdf report for test suite collection. Currently I could see only html report.

Sorry, I don’t know.

Execution Report of Test Suite Collection β€” Is it supported? I am not sure. May be not.

A HTML report is enough, I think.