Katalon with JMeter


We were trying to integrate Katalon with Jmeter.

Unable to generate the reports for each Test Case in Web application Testing. We have used callTestCase() method for executing multiple test cases.

We have tried the below methods for executing the test cases,

  1. for loop is used to call each TestCase in Java Sampler it gives a Total Report of the Cases not an individual reports of TestCase.(If we run 5 test cases, report is generated for 5th test case with the time taken from 0th test case to 5th test case)

  2. Each TestCase is called with separate Java sampler but after a Single TestCase executed, Katalon throws Exception Called " Browser Not Opened "(driver is destroyed after completion of first test case and the driver is not initiated)

Can you please help us to get Test Results of Each Test Cases from katalon on integrating with JMeter?

Thanks in advance