API performance testing with Katalon and JMeter


I’ve made a sample project using JMeter to perform API testing with Katalon Studio. There were some requests to integrate JMeter with Katalon - I hope this sample will help.

Install gradle

Please follow official instructions by Gradle.

Pulling JMeter dependency

  • Creating a build.gradle file in your project then run the following command to download jmeter dependencies.

gradle katalonCopyDependencies

Create JMeter Runner

  • You need to download JMeter then extract the bin folder to Include directory in katalon project
  • In Include/scripts/groovy, we create JMeterRunner (JMeter Runner configuration class) and KatalonSamplerClient, which will execute katalon testcases and returned results.

JMeter is ready, let’s make a run now.

  • Define a custom jmeter keyword, which will new the runner above.
  • Create a JMeter Testcase, call the jmeter keyword then enjoy your results.



I haven’t tried it yet, but this is exactly what I need. Thank you!