Browser Closes Following "Call Test Case"

Starting in version 5.4, the browser closes after a test case calls another test case using the “Call Test Case” keyword.

This is a major issue for us that breaks a lot of our test cases. For example, every one of our admin test cases calls a single test case which does the account login. Up through 5.3.1, this worked fine, and prevented us from having to duplicate the log in logic on every test case. Now in 5.4, after the “called” test case completes, the browser closes and the browser session is lost. A new browser opens to continue the test, but the test case now fails because it is no longer logged in.

Is there any way I can change this behavior? If not, how quickly can this issue be corrected?

If there isn’t a workaround and the problem can’t be corrected quickly, where can I download the previous Katalon version? I didn’t save old the old version when I upgraded, and we have a lot of test cases that are incompatible with this behavior and now fail.


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We know about this issue. It’s been fixed already but our updater is updating it. In the meanwhile, you can re-download Katalon Studio and try again.

Thanks for the update. I just redownloaded. I still got version 5.4.0 and it still exhibits the same problematic behavior.

Oh really, I will double check again.

Hi Brad Brow,

I’ve tried with our sample project using “TC2_Verify Successful Appointment” and don’t see the browser is closed upon calling the test case. I’ve attached the project here so that you can try to execute it.


Thanks for looking into it further.

Your sample test case worked. I went back to my project and found the problem. The specific test case I was using to see if this was working had an error in the script that was causing the behavior. I corrected that, and we’re good now.

Sorry for missing that initially, and thanks for your help.

Same Here, the browser closes after a test case calls another. I’m using V6.2

[ My Project ]

As you See, I divided TestCase into small Small TestCase thus I need to call the last one to Run my Next Test Case

Please Help me ASAP


Team, i am using Katalon version 6.1.3 for windows and facing this same issue of browser getting closed(for existing test case) on calling other test case that means can’t continue the existing test case once the called test case finishes its execution.