Katalon version 8.5.2 Standalone - Can Not manually upload Test suite to qTest

I am trying to integrate and upload reports from KS to qTest.
I followed these 2:

so what I am doing is:

  1. Install the Katalon qTest integration plugin
  2. Enable integration in the qTest plugin
  3. Upload test cases
  4. Upload the test suites containing the test cases
  5. Execute the uploaded test suites
  6. Upload the generated reports to qTest

I am stuck at step 4, when I right-click a test suite, the upload option is disabled. My team and I are using free credentials. We have tried for 2 days but no progress :smiley:

I saw some similar tickets 10 months ago but they haven’t been solved yet. Please help!

This picture shows the disabled Upload option and I can’t upload the test suite.

OS: Windows 10
Katalon Studio Enterprise - Standalone - version 8.5.2 (edited)

From the qtest plugin page in Katalon Store:

This plugin is included in Katalon Studio Enterprise subscription.

So, if I am reading this right, it means you need a licence for this to work, no matter if you are using Standalone or Platform edition.

Also, from the docs provided:


  • Katalon Studio version 7.0.1 onwards.
  • An active Katalon Studio Enterprise license. To learn more about activating your Katalon Studio license, you can refer to this document: Activate Katalon license.

Thank sm @bionel for the info!
The Enterprise license may help (currently using 14 days trial)
It would be great if we have a confirmation from the KS guys to know if this block only happens to the trial verison or not

Oops, sorry.
Actually I am using Katalon Studio Enterprise - Standalone - version 8.5.2 (just updated my question)
Still don’t know how to solve this issue


According to Upload test case results manually, I think you should upload the generated test report in the Reports tab.


Hi @Elly_Tran
Thanks for the response,

Yes, we need to upload the reports.
But before doing so, we need to

“1. Add an uploaded test case to an uploaded test suite.” as a precondition.

And I am stuck when uploading the test suite as described in the question.


That step means (1) you should create a new test suite then drag/ choose a/many test case(s) you need to run inside that test suite. Because KS will not let you run test suite without test case and not let you conduct a report without test suite. As far as I can seen from your screenshot, you have already had test suites with test cases inside.
(2) Run that test suites, KS will automatically generate a report for your test suite in Report tab. Then (3+4) Select the generated report and upload it to qTest.

Hope this can be clear.