Report is not getting uploaded in qtest after integration with katalon latest version

I am using the katalon latest version and integrated my katalon project with qTest project, I have also linked the Katalon runtime engine to execute the test cases remotely from qTest autmation host(localhost). But after the execution the execution report is not getting uploaded to my qTest account.

Please help me to resolve this issue.
N.B: In case for katalon 5.8.0 it is working fine.

Could someone pls response??

Hi @Saikat_Saha

Have you installed QTest Integration Plugin and enabled Automatically upload test run result as instructed in this documentation:

The document refers to the old version of katalon. In the new version, I am using basic report plugin hence those results were not getting uploaded automatically nor manually.
Could you pls let me know the process for new version with the plugin