qTest Integration: Unable to upload Test Cases or Test Suites from Katalon Studio 8.5.5, Java NullPointerException error

The title summarizes the problem. The attached document details the steps attempted to resolve, all of which failed. Please review and advise.

Details of the issue and attempted remediation:
qTest - Katalon Integration - PublicData.docx (432.6 KB)

Operating System

Windows 10

Katalon Studio version

e.g. version 8.5.5

qTest Manager version

On-Demand (Cloud) 11.2.1

qTest plug-in version



Let us investigate it and get back to you soon.

I opened case #00011233 with support, and so far the probable cause seems to be: “Customized fields could be a potential cause of the error.” I discovered that I am able to upload Katalon test cases to a qTest project that has no customized fields in the test case template. However, since I am dealing with an existing qTest project with hundreds of existing manual test cases and dozens of active qTest users, creating a qTest project just for automation is not the optimal solution.