Katalon Stuido in Mac OS


Can any one tell me please what the experience of using Katalon Studio in Mac OS ?

I have Katalon running on a Mac and have been using it for nearly a year. It works very well with few problems. What specific information are you looking for?

Thank for your answer.
I am planning to change from Windows 10 to mac and hence wanted to know the overall performance of Katalon Studio in mac,as I plan to install and continue using it there.

Can you please tell me what are the few problems that you have faced ?

I have it installed on a Mac Pro set up for development. Katalon can use a fair bit of memory and there are some lingering threads of the gecko and chrome driver consuming memory from time to time. But that may be my fault of not closing the browser down correctly.

Other problems were mainly behaviors from earlier versions of Katalon.

Depending on the complexity of the Test Case and libraries, there may be some load times to get the scripts running. But I assume this same for each OS.

Since you already had it running for Windows 10, a reasonable Mac should give the same experience.

Got it. Thanks for your answer.

I also use The Mac version, because it’s my only option. The biggest issue I’ve discovered so far, although i’m not sure if it’s a bug or not, but whenever a new update is released, everything is 100% reset. It forces me to import all of my projects in again. It’s not a big deal, as it takes like 5 minutes to do, but it’s annoying. A few other people have had this experience as well.

Other small issues, Some errors that you get are sometimes with out a description, It just shows a big “X” mark, with no text. This is common in the object recorder, and Spy web.