Katalon studio web record and object spy not recording from the 2nd time

1. installed Katalon studio.
2. Created a project.
3. Created a test and started recording for Testcase 1. (its recorded and captured the object)

4. When i started the 2nd testcase either web record or object spy didn’t capture any object… even object spy is not highlighting any object.,

in the script only the below commands are performing.
open browser and close browser.

Could you please help me with this issue.

Thanks in advance

Facing the same issue

Since 5.7.0 I had similar issues after changing the Object Spy Hotkeys

For me it helped to change the port from 50000 (Standard) to 56587 in the Settings for Preferences / Katalon / Utility Addon

But these port settings are for Katalon Recorder. We are facing issues with Katalon Studio Web Record and Object spy- not even highlighting the red border when we place the cursor on the object.

Could you make it little clear.

I’m using also Katalon Studio. If I start the Object Spy (with Chrome) it displays a little green Web Recorder icon in the top right corner of the browser. If you cklick that the Recorder is opened. There is a Settings button. If you click that button it displays some Information about the extension e.g.:

Port Setting for Katalon Studio (Desktop application)

Allow users to change the default port used by Katalon Studio to communicate with the active Chrome browser (support for Firefox is coming soon). The desktop application preference must be configured accordingly as the screenshot below.

Katalon Studio Server Port:

(In Katalon Studio: Window > Katalon Studio Preferences > Utility Addon)

There is also a port number displayed. In my case 56587. After setting this in the preferences as described spying and recording is working again.

Please note I’m using Studio with Chrome (New Browser). I didn’t install the Recorder-Extension seperately.

Thank you

Hello Uli Krause

This solution is working now. Thanks you.

Hello Uli Krause,

Thanks you.

Record Web is working and capturing objects. But using Object Spy when we use Alt+`, objects are not captured. could you help on this.

Hi, I have tried with changing the Alt+` to Alt+a. Even then Object Spy not capturing the objects.

Could i get this resolved?

Same procedure as described above.

It seems that Object Spy (56587) and Record Web (52385) need different ports. I fear you have to change the port every time you switch the tool.

For me it looks like a kind of bug especially because in V 5.6.0. I had no such problems

Hi, I am using Version 5.6.3 . I have changed the ports accordingly for Object Spy as did for Record Web. and even the hot keys to Alt+a. but still the Object spy is not recording the objects.

Please , could someone help on this.

Thanks in advance.

any updates ???