Unable to Record steps using Web Recorder and unable to capture objects through Spy Web

Hi Team,

I have issue with Recording and Spy web.

When i am trying to record, it is opening browser and not giving any other steps in RECORDED ACTIONS window. Also i am not able to see any object is getting highlighted on screen when hovering mouse over the screen.( Ref. Screenshot- Record.jpg).

After stopping the recorder, only Close browser step is getting added( Ref. Screenshot- Record2.jpg).

When i am trying to use Spy web option, i am not able to highlight the objects when hovering on screen. Also it is not showing the suggestion to capture objects by clicking (Alt and ~ ) on top left corner.(Ref Screenshot- Spy1.jpg)

System Configuration:(Ref. Screenshot- System Configuration.jpg)
Windows 7- 64bit Enterprise SOEv1.8
12GB RAM- i5-3470 CPU@3.20GHz.

Katalon Version- 5.8.5

Thanks and Regards
Sai Venkatesh




System Configuration.JPG

Hi Venkatesh,

I am also facing the same issue. Do you found solution for this issue. if you find the solution please reply me.