Katalon Studio stops executing test suite and returns Passed status


Can some please assist me with this issue.
I have run into an issue where Katalon studio does not execute all of my test cases (test suite).
It runs two or three of my test cases out of 600+ and stops running, yet returns the Passed status.
All of the 600+ test cases have been running without any issues.


Is there any test case that is being skipped or depends on another test case ? Or is there any test step that is not moving

Can you share log for this?

Hi Monty

None of the test cases are skipped.
I ran an API call that I got on Katalon and seems like I exceeded my test execution quota of 2000.
I checked the TestOps as well and my execution quota is at 2017
Could this really be the actual issue or something else?

The Error log file?

Event log inwhich we could track issues

With KS open, click on the Help menu item, then Error Log.

Edit: Note that KS stopped logging one time when I had over 7 Test Cases as part of a Test Suite. Around the 5th TC, the log just stopped printing/displaying, but the test continued. I believe I had hit the max of the log file, but whatever, I have since reduced the number of TCs within my TSs and just make more TSs.