Linking test suites or test cases to Bit Bucket

Hi All,

Is it possible to upload and maintain the test suites/Test cases in bit bucket ?

If yes please help on the steps.


So i use stash bitbucker server for my version control and it works as anyother version control would. I dont use the integrated Git integration in katalon, i just use it as you would anyother project with version control. Im not sure what steps your looking for.

@hpulsford Thanks for your reply, my question is in Katalon Version: 6.1.5, Only GIT option is available . Is it the same process to upload and maintain the tests in bitbucket ?

Thanks a lot @hpulsford , My question is in katalon version 6.1.5 there is only option for Git, How to do for bitbucket ? Is it the same ?

Ahh i understand, I dont see why not. I use bitbucket server with source tree so might be a little different to you but works fine for me.

So i assume your talking about the GIT built in to katalon, you dont have to use that for your project, you can just place your working katalon project folder into your local bitbucket folder on your machine and then push it to your remote. Thats how i do it at least and it works perfectly fine for me.

Thanks @hpulsford , We also use source tree and bitbucket … So using source tree and bit bucket together is just pushing the code using source tree to bitbucket . This is same as a normal flow correct ?

Yes exactly, create a repository in bitbucket, in sourcetree clone that remote repository onto your local machine. Then place your katalon project into that folder. In source tree you should see the changes, once you commit it will ask you to push. This will then push to your remote repo you made in bitbucket and BOOM, your all set to get breaking stuff :slight_smile:


Perfect thanks a ton for your kind help :grin::+1:

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No probs :slight_smile:

How do you run you test automatically?
Let’s say one of the developers is push new code to the repository, is your test suite run automatically execute, or do you use Jenkins.

Hi Alex,

My automation suite is a package in bamboo which is what my company uses for its CICD. So, when the devs make a build, the validation and unit tests will be run in the build process of the pipeline, if all of them pass, effectively the release part of the process will begin. This is where my tests are run. In my case a seperate machine is booted up and runs which ever tests i have specified, or all if i dont specify.

So effectively, in awnser to your to question, Yes they are run automatically, not when Devs push new code to the repo, but when a build is kicked off ready for release/ test via a package in bamboo.

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Do I need to integrate katalon Run Time so my test run automatic?
Also, do I need to upload the katalon program to bitbucket?

@hpulsford can you share the steps about how you integrated your Katalon Studio with Bamboo. It will help a lot thanks…