Katalon supports only git or not bucket as well?


Does katalon supports bit bucket as well?


“we can connect to a Git-based repository from Github, BitBucket, Gitlab, etc”

Thank you … we got this already…

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@Wijdane Does this mean that we can use bitbucket with same way Git is mentioned in this link ?
I need to follow same Steps ?

Has there been an update on this case? Is Bitbucket on the road map for integration in Katalon or do I have to leave Katalon and push code to bitbucket separately? While that is easy enough, I would like stay in Katalon as much as possible.

Hi @jim.sears,

Please take a look at our Git integration feature. It will help you sync (clone, pull, commit, push) your test artifacts between Katalon Studio and Bitbucket as well.

Thank you. I didn’t realize “Git” was not GitHub and I have successfully used BitBucket since it too is “Git”. Thanks again for the quick response!

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