Katalon Studio (not KSE) force quits with notification after 5 min any time I close and reopen my laptop

I’m logged into Katalon Studio (not KSE) on my macbook and every time I re-open my laptop in the morning or after having gone to lunch, Katalon pops up a dialog and forces quits after 5 min if I don’t close the software and reopen it. I can reopen it again and it will work fine indefinitely as long as my macbook is open but it’s pretty annoying that it force quits the software every time I close and reopen my laptop (like for meetings, lunch, etc).

I thought Katalon Studio was supposed to be free, so I’m not sure why it’s even checking for a license or what it’s checking for. I’m using version 7.1.1.

I had some similar but not identical.

The fix for me was to Deactivate Katalon and reregister.

I also deleted this file: C:\Users\<user>\.katalon\application.properties, then restarted Katalon.

i closed this as is inactive