Katalon studio is not recording anything as does not open browser and recorder window gets hanged

Hi Katalon Team,

I am Mohammad Rafi Ansari, actually day before yesterday I have installed the Katalon Studio to do some hands on so that I can implement the test scripts for my current project using it. But whenever I’m trying to record via web recorder nothing is working as browser does not open. I tried to record in both “Chrome” and “Firefox” but recorder window got hanged.

Kindly notice that I have activated it offline as was not able to register online.

Please look into this issue so that I can start working with it.

Mohammad Rafi Ansari

Hi - could you tell us what version ok KS you are using, what OS, browser version etc

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I am experiencing the same thing. The recorder would not load the browser. I am using Katalon 6.1.5, Windows 64-bit and chrome 74.


Hi all,
I just check in my side but it works well (both record Firefox and Chrome). You can grab new version on the website and try it again. If some have issue occur, please send me more detail (include: screenshot, log, version,…). Many thanks!

I closed this as it is inactive.

I guess that @Mohammad_Rafi_Ansari had an older version of WebDriver than the browser and vice versa.