Katalon Studio IE capture not working

Context: the client is trying Katalon Studio to automato an internal application that only runs on IE.
Problem: the tests are executed correctly, but we are unable to capture objects using IE add-on. When recording, IE cannot navigate to the target webpage, and is not recognizing any object. If we stop Katalon recording, the navigation proceeds normally.

Current setup:
##Katalon Studio Version: 7.0.3 - Build 1
##Katalon Studio logs: log attached
##Browser environment: Internet Explorer 11.1451.16299.0 - update version: 11.0.155
##IE Add-on: Both recorder and spy add-on are installed and enabled in the browser. ObjectSpy extension release: 10.0.16299.15. Recorder extension release: 10.0.16299.15
##Toubleshoot steps:
All steps in the “Internet Explorer Configurations” have been performed: (i) disabling protected mode for all zones, (ii) setting zoom level to 100%, (iii) adding subkey to FEATURE_BFCACHE key in the registry (iexplore.exe with value DWORD32 0).
Running Katalon Studio as administrator
Added setting to project: >Project > Setings > Desired Capabilities > Web UI > IE > +Add name = ignoreProtectedModeSettings , type= Boolean, value = true

##Steps to reproduce:
-Run Katalon.exe as Administrator
-Create new project
-Start object recorder, providing the URL of the application
-After IE is started, provide user credencials in the login page

##Expected behavior:
-The home page is displayed in IE
-Objects and steps are captured

##Actual behavior:
-IE doesn’t navigate to home page (a spinning circle is displayed)
-No steps are captured
-Objects are not being highlighted

Can anyone help?

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