Katalon Studio fills my system with 5GB of junk files!

Hello community!!! :wave:

Usually my system needs more or less 45 seconds to boot. I noticed that everytime I use Katalon Studio next day my PC needs close to two minutes to boot!!!

Using a window optimizer (included in to my antivirus) I found out that when I use Katalon, at the end of the day, optimizer has to clear close to 5GB of junk files!!! And when I don’t use Katalon, optimizer has barely to clear 750MB of junk files.

Is this “normal” or it’s something wrong, let’s say with my settings?

without further logs and steps to reproduce it is hard to say if is katalon fault or user environment specific something.
may be true or not.
where are those ‘junk files’ located and how they are named?
to be noticed that, what may look like as junk for the user, for the various processes may look different.

It is Katalon’s “fault” because it happens ONLY when I use Katalon. I am testing it for days before I write it here.

Earlier @kazurayam wrote a solution but for some reason he removed it!!! After I disabled “Take Screenshot when execution failed”, as he said, I have far less junk files to delete. Close to 1.5GB instead of 5GB!!! But I’ll be sure 100% tomorrow where I’ll use Katalon for much more time.

I deleted my post because I wasn’t sure.

this implies that Katalon created 5GB of safe-to-remove but remaining files. I did not see what these files could be.

One night has passed, and I remembered this:

All of Selenium-based Java programs (including Katalon studio) uses the Selenium’s TakesScreenshot class to get a screenshot.

        //Convert web driver object to TakeScreenshot
        TakesScreenshot scrShot =((TakesScreenshot)webdriver);

        //Call getScreenshotAs method to create image file
        File SrcFile=scrShot.getScreenshotAs(OutputType.FILE);

The 2nd line of the above code (getScreenshotAs(OutputType.FILE) creates a Temporary file named SrcFile, writes the image into the file. Perhaps Katalon Studio internally calls getScreenshotAs(OutputType.FILE). Creating screenshot in Katalon Studio creates a bulk of temporary files. Once used, the temporary files will no longer be used but will remain there as long as JVM is alive. These files will be garbage-collected later by Windows Optimiser.

I think that it is not appropriate to say that 5GB of temporary storage is a “fault” of Katalon Studio. It is there by design of Selenium to serve the required screenshots for you.

As I mentioned, to be able to check / reproduce the issue we need to know which are the files subject to suspicions so please provide whatever screenshot or logs from the app you are using for cleanup.
We need also a bit more info about your project scripts, e.g if you are using certain third-party jars and you are using gradle or whatever else to solve the dependencies, such will also bring some additional files from maven repositories.
In addition to that, if you are using Docker to run your tests, that will create also additional files due to the way docker is creating container layers.
Details matters!