Runtime Engine fill up disk space

Every time when RE run test, it generates new folder to default workspace folder location, in my case folder is:
I run my tests in Jenkins and after runninq awhile tests those session-xxxxxxx folders and files fill up my disk space (each about 20MB).

In logfile every run:
Katalon workspace folder is set to default location: C:\Katalon_Studio\Katalon_Studio\config\session-d25090f0

Katalon Version: 7.0.10

Is there any way to automatic clean those folders? Or is manual delete only way (not should be, this is automation test program I think).

i don’t think ‘fill up’ is the right term here unless you run this tasks on an 286 generation machine.
but indeed, it is anoying, in time can lead to undetected resources waste.
my bets at this moment is … there is no such mechanism in place for cleanup on katalon.
the easiest way in jenkins to prevent poluting is to set the job to always clean the workspace at the end (it’s just a checkmark)

usualy, resource cleanup has to be handled by the pipeline, not by the application running … but agreed, worth to take a deeper look, there are always edge cases.

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@Ilkka_Kovalainen One way is to turn off any report generation from the basic report plugin. For e.g Create a separate branch for Jenkins with report generation turned off and then connect that branch within the Jenkins job. This way your master and other branches when run will generate report. Also check if you have Test case video recording activated in settings ? Turning that off might also help.

If you are using Katalon Analytics this will not effect the publishing of reports there. Turning off report generation on your machine will stop creating local files but will still upload results to Katalon Analytics so you can see the results over there.

@duyluong Please take a look.

Well >100 test run/day * 5 day * 20MB = 10000MB = 10GB (calculating right?). + some other tests.
And tests are running in sandbox with limited disk quota. Not 286, not even 386 or 486 :wink:

Cloud reporting is not an option right now.
I have put -reportFolder parameter point to jenkins workspace. But I think there is no any workspace parameter available?

We will address this issue soon. Thank you @Ilkka_Kovalainen for the feedback.

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Hi @Ilkka_Kovalainen,

You can manually delete the session-xxxxxxxx folder before or after every execution to free your disk space. We will consider to provide an ability to clean up these folders in the upcoming release.

Sorry for this inconvenience.

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Hello, has this been addressed? We’re facing the same issue.

Are you ever gonna fix this issue?
In 7.4.0 RE the folder where these session-xxxx folder are made has changed to c:\Users\userxxxxx\AppData\Local\Temp. And same filling is going on and + lot of screenshotxxxx.png files.


Any news on this feature? We are facing this issue as well.

Has anyone found an appropriate solution for this yet? We are also having this issue.

@duyluong or @devalex88 or @ThanhTo

Not sure who would be best to tag but any updates would be appreciated

hello, I have quite same problem excepted that my KRE generate files in another folder :

I am not sure that every files of my windows temp folder have been generated by katalon so I have to delete it manually…

Usually, I manually delete these folders:

  • chrome_BITS__
  • katalon-*
  • session-*

and these files :

  • screenshot*.png

Here is a sample of my temp folder :

hello @duyluong and @devalex88
you spoke about “ability to clean up these folders in the upcoming release.”
Do you know if this release is coming soon ?


As far as I see, your are the pioneer of using the Screen Video Recorder in Katalon Studio extensively. Nobody else does. I guess Katalon Developers would not be able to spare much time for Video-related issues. I think you should not wait for the “ability to clean up these folders” feature to be added by the Katalon Developers.

Why not you write a Powershell script to remove Temp files, and run it before or after KRE? There are many articles that tell how to: e.g.,

Hello Kazurayam,
since a short time, I now use Browser based video recorder now ^^

I did not purge it as I was not sure that every temp files in “C:\Users\my_user\AppData\Local\Temp” were created by katalon. So I were hesitating about purging all these files.

But as you say, I can try, it will be quicker.
Thank you for your link with Powershell (as it will be easier to select files and folder to delete)