Katalon Studio Crashes When Used For a Period of Days

## OS Windows 7

## Katalon Studio Version 5.3.1 Build 1

## Steps to reproduce -
Work with KS for a few days**## Actual Behavior -**

I never (okay, rarely) close KS. I leave it open day after day. After a few days (sometimes less) the UI will freeze and lock up. Then I need to use Task Manager to kill it and then reopen it.

I know those “steps to reproduce” above are pretty useless, but that’s all I can say. There is no single common thing between each crash as far as I can tell.

However, I do have a lot of files open and I do make KS stretch between two monitors (my AUT appears on a third monitor). So I wonder if the layout I use is something that causes issues? I know for sure that KS cannot restore this layout when on the rare occasions I close KS properly and reopen it – all I see is the KS help window.

I’ve attached an image of the layout I use.



Wow you open a lot of windows on your side. I think that is also one of the reason it’s frozen in this case. We will investigate this

Thanks Vinh. Have a chat with @Liam B, you might then understand the need for “lots of windows” :wink: