Katalon Studio Auto close

Katalon Studio Auto close when I open a test case or Create a test case. How can I solve it. Please give me some suggestion.

Thanks for your choosing Katalon!
Can you tell me the steps before Katalon auto close? Please provide more detail information for us to investigate, such as: screenshot, version, .log file (Help -> Error log), step, plugin installed, os your machine… @mohiuddin_nyk

This my log file. When I Open any Test case or Create test case then auto Katalon Study close. Katalon Studio Version 6.2.1
I didn’t have any plugins installed.

Please send full file .log, you can figure it at Help -> Error Log. How about your os machine?

ErrorLog.log (89.5 KB)
And operate W10

I solve my problem. Thanks

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Thank you for let us know. Could you please share the solution to help other people with the same issue?

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