Katalon close by itself


I am using katalon 7.7.2 and i have been noticing that the ide keeps closing by itself after making some changes.

Sometimes with a simple click on a button on the ide and then the ide closes by itself.
Not sure that if its happening with someone else but with me i have been happening a lot recently.

Any suggestions how i can stop this from happening considering that sometimes i lose my changes when it does like this.


@anuradha I am also using 7.2.2 on Mac as well as Windows and I am not noticing this behavior.

I would suggest you to completely uninstall Katalon Studio and Install it again using Admin rights.

If it still happens please post it here again.

Just wanted to add that this is still happening in 7.7.2. The ide closes if we do not do any action for some time.

I will give few scenarios i noticed.
Ex1 :I have 5 test cases , i am writing a test in the forth one. The rest has not been opened or used yet.
If i try to open the rest the ide closes by itself.
Ex2: I have taken a break and came back.The ide was open. I try to make a change or anything and then the ide closes by itself.

I am not sure if i am the only one experiencing it or not but this is happening a lot with me on 7.7.2.

Have tried to uninstall and install again as well but this keeps happening.


@anuradha, @manpreet.mukkar

Could you please share the error log file to us and observe the Katalon memory on Task Manager before the IDE closes.


Hi @duyluong Its the error log from Help->Error log?



Yes, that’s the error log file that we need.

Hi @ThanhTo, @duyluong, i have send you both the log by pm.

Thank you