Katalon Studio 6.1.2 - Saving changes to Test Object

Has anyone seen some weird behavior in 6.1.2.

Issue #1 - I made a change to one of my Test Objects in the Object Repository and even though I saved the changes , the IDE still thinks I didn’t save them see screenshot

Issue #2 - multiple ? help icons show up in the IDE … see screenshot

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Yes. I just ran into this issue too after upgrading to 6.1.2.
I also noticed the issue when trying to open a renamed Test Object. The screen flickers shortly, but does not show the object.
I was also unable to create (and save) a new Test Object from the UI.

I reverted back to 6.1.1 for now. Strange thing was that the same issues remained present.
Apparently the issue is not introduced with 6.1.2, but already present for a while.
I had a “.” (dot) somewhere in the name, example: Object Repository/Google.com/search/input_field
After removing the dot, the issue was resolved. Ofcourse this is still a bug, but not related to 6.1.2.
Hope this helps.

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Sander, Can you please make that a single Bug Report along with the fix (remember to mention all the version numbers, etc).


Done… thanks

Hi guys.

Thanks for the report, the development team is looking into this. We will let you know !

Regards !

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