Katalon Studio IDE does not sometime save changes

Looks like IDE need a lot of stability(it’s no where near modern IDEs), while spending a month or so came up with many times save hang and loosing last changes.

NOTE: for your interest I am using free version

Hi @shahid.nawaz

Can you provide us some screenshots about this issue and also the error log file?

i think i can add some context here, i’ve had it happen to me often
sometimes, Katalon will stop processing saves for specifc tabs, or rather, not realize there’s any change there to save, it also interferes with testcase execution, testcase will refuse to start until i close the offending tab(there’s no indication of which that is so it’s trial and error)

very specifically, i most often encounter this behaviour after i make changes to the test object repo, recording a webpage, copying, pasting, moving etc
closing the offending tab will let me run tests again, but it means i may potentially lose a few changes i made to said file without realizing
if there is anything i can do next time it happens that would help you, please let me know

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I don’t think there can be any specific screenshot for this behavior, however @kenzie.rigole provided very good details, I have seen this happening a lot