Error message when renaming objects

Katalon Studio
Version: 6.1.0
Build: 1
Mac os

I receive an error messgae when renaming objects in my repository. This just started happening today (4/15/19) and it was working fine on Friday, 4/12/19. If I restart Katalon Studio, I find that the object was actually renamed. I’m finding lots of things that break in Katalon Studio as I use it and I have to restart Studio in order to “fix” the things that no longer work, such as the renaming issue, an issue where I can’t “run from here”, and being unable to perform other actions.

I’m now receiving an error message when adding objects to the repository from the Object Spy window. Something has happened between Friday April 12 and today, April 15, that is causing these errors, which were not there before. This is a critical error and needs to be addressed asap, as I’m unable to create new objects and therefore new tests.

Version 6.1.0 is VERY buggy today. I’m having to restart Katalon every 30 minutes or so in order for the changes to the objects in the repository I’ve made to be updated/applied. And even then, the objects I’ve deleted still show up in the repository.

If i were you - for the time being i would just make all the changes in the containing folder - then when you go back into katalon, refresh and the changes should be made. I have had similar issues but this usually works for me fine.

Can’t delete objects from the repository. Is anyone else having these problems with 6.1.0? Anybody? Bueller???


This is not working for every change every time. Sometimes, objects are renamed and sometimes they aren’t. Sometimes objects are deleted and sometimes they aren’t. It’s almost like my project has become corruptedf or something because I didn’t have this problem when I first upgraded to 6.1.0.

This issue still reproducible in latest version 7.1.2
Second time if I give the same name for the object it gets updated.

Hi @bharath.machireddy,
Please share with us the error log file. You can find it under Help > Error Log.

Thanks huynguyen

I was able to find the root cause for the issue by looking into the Error log.

One of the Web Object file has below special char’s in it. Because of this I was facing the error.

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