Katalon Store is coming soon. Feel free to suggest your wanted plugins!

Hello @Katalon_team Team,

Thanks for making such a wonderful tool to help us in Automation. I have few suggestions in terms of Plugins. Please let me know if you want me to Share these suggestions at some other place where you guys can keep track of the suggestions.

Problem 1: In Katalon Studio currently we don’t have a Unique Identifier i.e Test Case Number for each of the test case. Although we have a Folder based structure but in large teams it would be beneficial for people to refer to a particular test case number using the Unique identifier added by the Katalon itself, With this we would not have to give a full path of the test case rather we can just give the unique identifier / test case number for other people to look into. Also in the real-world scenario we may be moving our test cases and changing the structure of the folders all the time and having a unique identifier/test case number will make finding test cases easy. We would also need a way to search test cases using Test Case number

Problem 2 : An ability to generate random test data within Katalon itself. For e.g we are working with a Email Address field, We may want to test it every time with a random email address. If we had that option to generate a test data based on some parameters within Katalon then it would be very beneficial. We can achieve this using some scripting or through test data file but having an option to generate random test data on fly would be great.

Please keep the Store moderated just like this Forum. Finding help on this Forum is really easy because of super helpful people that devote there time here. I hope the Store will be same where only approved plugins will show up.


Tutorial for creating plugins:

Thanks for the awesome tool.
-A plugin to restrict the access to various folders of Katalon Studio. For example - a person can only create test cases but not access Custom Keywords and Data files, etc. Basically what I am trying to do is build a library of Custom Keywords and then other people can create test cases as per their need without having access to other files.
-Alternate solution would be a plugin to Creating test cases and test suites through notepad and parsing it in automatically in katalon would also be a great plugin.

Please provide the ability to continuously test mobile with one-time logon in new releases.

Hi everyone.

It is delightful to see so many plugin ideas are being proposed. I think to better help us define what ideas are valuable to many people, not just so we can build the plugins but also to enhance the APIs for you guys to develop in, you guys should state the context or problem you are encountering that makes you think that a plug-in would extremely valuable, then describe functionally what would the plugin do.

It is an opportunity for us to see things from your perspectives too. I am sure there are many problems whose workarounds are a pain or are blockers to the essential testing activities of your organizations.

Again, thanks a lot for sharing and we will take into considerations all of your ideas !


Thanks @ThanhTo,

I will update the comment I added with problem description and see if that gets accepted. Both of my recommendations for plugin are very generic and those are basically features that will be helpful for our testing community.

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Anything to schedule tests will be much appreciated


as on the former thread mentioned (Suggestion: To Add Integration with (TestLink) Test Case Management)

it would be nice to have some TestLink integration by a new Katalon Studio plugin.



It would be nice to have plugins for automation common trends. For example plugin for integration with common test management tools. Functionality to export your projects and can run through other IDEs.( Eclipse, Netbeans etc)
Plugins to utilize other frameworks.( Robot, SPOCK,Carina, jmeter etc)


Team, excited to see Katalon store coming along.
As most of the product applications works best with analytics it will be good to have inbuilt Katalon plugin to track and test Google analytics events and dimensions. Similar to what Google debugger does.
Hope it make sense.

I would like a plugin that allows one to modify how objects are saved in the object repository when the recorder is used. Having the default name be something like the element’s xpath would help enormously when elements do not have defined IDs, or when data can change between test case executions.

I would like a plugin to import/convert Postman scripts.

I would like a plugin to import test cases directly into Team Foundation Server (TFS).

The issue I have is as follows: When I use the editor to make a request from a request object in the object repository I have a view on the right side that shows me the HTTP response of it so I can just take a look at the requestBody.

But that functionality is lost as soon as I move onto test cases and test suites. When I run a test case that contains a request object, I dont have any way to look at the response body except to print it into the console, which is quite tedious for larger JSON objects.

So mainly I would like to have the HTTP response view accessable on the test case and the test suite layer, so it would be possible to select a request that had a verification step fail and look at the complete response.

If it was possible to then also include those responses in the test report of the test suite, that would be the cherry on top.

I am not really sure if that is something that is best solved via plugin but I got redirected to this post by @ThanhTo so I thought I just put it down in its own comment here

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Hello @ThanhTo

I have created a post in the Katalon Plugin section in this forum for my request 1. I was wondering if that is the place for request about plugins > From the Plugin Store > Request New Plugin We land in that section so I added my request over there too.

Hi @manpreet.mukkar

Yes that is indeed the place to request plug-in. It’s okay to do both places as we are collecting ideas from both places.

Regards !

Hi all,

Katalon Store (beta) is available now at https://store.katalon.com!

More details can be found here.

Try out the plugins, maximize testing efficiency, feel free to let us know your feedback and suggestions!


Katalon team

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Support for Edge on windows 10 would be a must for me as this is essential for desktop browser testing!


Just FYI - we’ve built a TestRail integration plugin for Katalon Studio. If you have any feedback or suggestions we are happy to hear from you.