Katalon SSH key generation is not compatible with new Gitlab version security protocol

Katalon Studio always fails to load SSH keys generated with new accepted formats by Gitlab.

Since Github and Gitlab have dropped the support for DSA and RSA SHA-1, I cannot integrate Studio with Gitlab via SSH.
After doing much research for support on this issue, the only suggested workaround, for now, is to use HTTPS protocol with Github Personal Access Token or using Git with terminal or 3rd party tools. But the thing is that our company does not provide HTTPS protocol access support.

So, I only can interact with Gitlab using the terminal for now which should be available through Git commands integrated with Katalon

Can anyone please advise on how to fix this?



Can you please share the error log you received if yes? Have you followed this instruction https://docs.katalon.com/docs/katalon-studio/manage-projects/project-settings/git-integration/git-integration-authentication-with-ssh-keys-in-katalon-studio#generate-ssh-keys well? In the meanwhile, I will ask my team for support

Hello @Elly_Tran
I followed the instructions but the thing is that the new version of Gitlab dropped support for this method used in Katalon to generate SSH Keys (RSA-1024)
So, using the SSH key accepted by Katalon does not work
This is the error displayed: ssh://git@git-ssh..:///.git: Auth fail


I will create a ticket for your issue for further investigation. In the meanwhile, can you please help provide more information about the version and error log if any? Thank you

Here is the Gitlab version information and error when trying to use any git commands with Katalon
Gitlab version: 16.5.2


Which KS version are you using?

It’s Katalon Studio version 8.6.8


Can you please try it with the latest version? Thank you!

if you mean Katalon version 9.1.0, i tried it and it works fine

so, the issue is already addressed in the recent version, isn’t?
I hope you don’t expect to be backported to 8.x
if, for some reason, you really need an older version, e.g due to:

you can disable the git integration and stick with the git commandline, unless you are a licensed user and you are OK with just Katalon support.