Open specific Katalon Project via Desktop-Icon

I’m looking for a way to open Katalon via a link on my Windows desktop directly with a desired project, because I have more than one project in work. I do not want to switch to the other project only when Katalon has been started.

Unfortunately, appending the project path behind the exe-file does not work.

C:\dev\Katalon_Studio_Windows\katalon.exe -projectPath=“C:\workspace\DeploymentTests.prj”.

Not sure if such feature is available, most probably not.
However you can open a feature request on this matter.
But first let’s see what the dev’s say: cc @ThanhTo @duyluong @devalex88

Hi @moPic,

This feature is not available in Katalon Studio. You can create a feature request like @bionel said by creating an issue at this link: