Katalon Runtime Engine - not able to open Chrome or Edge Chromium browsers once updated to v93.X

it appears that with the latest updates that have come in from Chromium for both Chrome browser and Edge Chromium that the Runtime Engine is having issues starting up browsers.
Katalon Studio desktop seems to have no issues and is able to successfully open these browsers successfully after I update the webdrivers to match the new browser versions, but Katalon Runtime engine when it gets to the point where it is attempting to open a browser and resolve a URL never gets to the point where the browser actually opens, and then takes about 10 minutes to time out.

I have attempted to try with the old webdrivers for the last verson (92.X) and the same issue occurs

I have also attempted to fully uninstall Chrome and then install an older version of Chromium - the closest version I can find to the last known good install of Google Chrome browser (can’t seem to find a Google Chrome in the archive kept) and the tests then fail immediately - although Katalon Studio install on the same machine works well with this older Chromium install in place of Chrome.


I am experiencing the exact same issue. Tried same above steps and also tried updating to Katalon 8.1. No luck. Have you figured out a fix?

I’m experiencing the exact same issue as well.

Hi @qa117, @Jonathan_Yeung, @lauren.leppert,

Please share the KRE execution log of the issue with us

I just noticed today that when I tried to run my test suite via console, it opens Katalon and asked to activate. However, when I enter my valid credentials and press “Activate”, nothing happens. I see “Log in” green message, and then nothing, no error message or anything.

Hi there,

For any uses who get this error on Chrome v93

SessionNotCreatedException: Message: session not created
from timeout: Timed out receiving message from renderer: 600.000

This seems to be an issue of Chrome v93 that doesn’t allow chromedriver to start by Windows service normally.
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Thanks, the desired capability setting worked for me.

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