Katalon Recorder records 'Right Click' instead of 'Verify Element Text', 'Verify Element Clickable' etc

Now, when recording on active Chrome browser, Katalon Recorder records ‘Right Click’ instead of ‘Verify Element Text’, ‘Verify Element Clickable’ etc… It looks like only click and input are recorded properly. It recorded everything properly on the very same webpages before.

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Hi there,

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Can you please help provide more information, any error log, any steps to reproduce? Thank you

Hi there,

On active Chrome browser, just try to record verifyElementText, verifyElementClickable etc. and you’ll see that it records rightClick instead of those.

Can you please give us a screenshot or recording? Thank you!

Recording (Verify Element Text, Verify Element Clickable) :

Results (Right Clicks only):


Thank you for your information. I will ask my team and let you know soon

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Reply to @kazurayam,


My actions are shown in the recording. As you can see, not only click actions can be recorded (when recording works). Before selecting what to record, you make a right click and then select which action to record and it DID work properly on on the very same web pages before.