Capure Object when right clicking an element during a recording session

While recording, right clicking on an element now displays “Capture Object” in the popup window. When clicked, nothing happens.

I started experiencing the same issue. Verification points are no longer recorded. Please fix ASAP!
Thank you


That option is only in Spy Tool in Katalon Studio, you will not be able to use it with Katalon Recorder alone. Katalon Recorder only lets you record interactions, not capturing objects.


On Chrome, thats the only option Katalon Recorder offers in the popup. On FireFox, it seems ok

FireFox browser

We’d update Firefox soon, and also our docs. However like I said this is a feature only when used with Katalon’s Spy Tool.

So users of Katalon Recorder will no longer be able to select verification commands from this popup?

FireFox Browser


Sorry I missed the point, I didn’t realize the functionality was missing. We will investigate this, thank you.

Thanh, thank you for understanding the issue. Can you please restore the functionality of the verification commands as soon as possible?

Still ‘Capure Object’ wrong option dispayed on rigth click, no longer be able to select verification commands on Chrome navigator, I hope it be fixed soon.!!

Hi @cristian.oyarzo1, @olga.lee

Can you update the extension to the latest Katalon Recorder 3.9.7 ? We have attempted a fix.

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Now works, thanks you for the quick fix…!!!

Thank you, Thanh, It works now!!!

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