Record is ' Click' but Repository is ' SetText '

Hello Katalon Team

I record web is a Click event
But in Repository is Set Text event

Bug happen when you record Settext after Click

  • Step 1 : Click

  • Step 2 : Settext

  • Finally in repository : Step1 & step2 = Settext

Please to check



Web Recorder doesn’t record click on an input, because such clicks only focus on the input so you can start setting its text. The SetText keyword actually also focuses on the input, so recording the click is unnecessary. Do you have a use case in which not recording this click would fail to meet your requirement ?

Cheers !

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Yes, right
I have a Testcase not work ( with that situation )

I sure 100% . When I check & add Click event : Testcase is OK
If I not add Click event :

  • Testcase still work ( but nextday or run manytime : it 's not work )
    I mean : Sometime it happen

  • I have 2 Testcase the same that situation - Unclick & Click ( but first Testcase run OK , second Testcase run not OK )

Excactly that situation happen when :

  • <TD> covering <input>

Please to look at

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