Katalon Recorder Image Uploads fail (chrome) with Element not present error

Has anyone found a fix for this [error] Cannot find element ?
I have gone through the common issues on this article (Katalon Recorder FAQ and Troubleshooting Instructions | Katalon Docs) but still don’t find a way for the replay to execute image upload correctly. Please advise.

[info] Executing: | selectFrame | index=10 | |

[info] Expand variable ‘index=10’ into ‘index=10’

[info] Executing: | type | id=file-upload | /Users/gc/Downloads/1.png |

[info] Wait until the element is found

[info] Cannot find element id=file-upload after 1000ms switch to id=file-upload

[info] Executing: | type | id=file-upload | /Users/gc/Downloads/1.png |

[info] Wait until the element is found

[info] Cannot find element id=file-upload after 1000ms switch to id=file-upload

[info] Executing: | type | id=file-upload | /Users/gc/Downloads/1.png |

[info] Wait until the element is found

[error] Cannot find element

[error] Element id=file-upload not found

Just to ask, have you verified that the selector still works? Usually, this issue only happens when the XPath / selector used (which may have worked before even) no longer works.

There’s nothing syntactically or apparently wrong with your command, if the selector is still the relevant one. But, FWIW, you may want to try changing it from id=file-upload to id=‘file-upload’

If you need further assistance, then if you can inspect the DOM and share with us the code around this area of the page (where the upload button is), then we may be able to better help you too.

@guy.mason Thanks for your reply . Im still at a loss not sure how to fix this. Here are the Screenshots you asked for. you assistance will be highly appreciated.
Screenshot 2023-02-05 at 2.37.59 PM

Would be interesting to see if using the following selector does (or does not) do the trick…


Using that XPath in theory, with what you’ve shared, should work anyhow. If the above doesn’t work, you could equally try to change id='file-upload' part to name='artwork'(using the same XPath)

Thanks again tried both and fails including screenshot please advise if Im doing something incorrectly?

The only other suggestion that comes to mind to try is:

thanks for following up. Its the strangest thing I have no idea why it keeps failing. Thanks for trying . Highly appreciated the effort.

[info] Wait until the element is found

[error] Cannot find element

[error] Element //div[contains(@class,‘drag-box’)]/input[@type=‘file’] not found

[info] Pausing

[info] Time: Mon Feb 06 2023 14:44:08 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time) Timestamp: 1675716248380

[info] Test case failed

If there’s no other file upload elements present in the UI, so you don’t need to be as specific as to target this one, then just stripping it back to //input[@type=‘file’] may even help.

This is different from what you originally used, as it’s not CSS-based, but XPath based.

Ive tried it all your suggestions nothing seems to work. Thanks for jumping in and trying to help Highly appreciated

Damn, well, at this point, i’m hoping that someone else may be able to help? @vu.tran ? :slight_smile:


I think you can follow this tutorial How to Handle File Uploads with Katalon Studio | by Katalon | Katalon | Medium, adding Verify Match to verify its successful uploading.

Can I hire Someone to get this done for me? please advise if that is a service I can have an Expert work on for me?

Anybody? please advise where I could Hire an Expert to do automations on Katalon For me?
thanks in Advance

Correct me if I’m wrong.
I think you are using the Katalon keyword( WebUI.uploadFile(findTestObject(null), ‘’) )
if you are using this one it will not handle all types of upload fields used in all applications

it will only handle the below format

if you need an exact solution for this share the screenshot of upload field in the UI and ls mention the functionality.
for example: how you have to do the upload in the field in manually
if I click the upload button the file explorer will open and i need to select to upload
i have to drop the file by dragging it
like this there are many different types in the upload there So pls share them.

as per your elements, it has

i think that is a drag-and-drop box.
so give a brief

They are using Katalon Recorder, not Katalon Studio, the keyword you’re referring to only works via Studio.

In saying that, they may find that they might get further in this situation by switching to Katalon Studio and seeing if that helps them get closer to ‘solving’ this issue.

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Hi @gc1,

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Hi @gc1,

Your reply got us thinking about opening up a space where people can come to request and/or offer Katalon-related works or gigs to those such as yourself.

We’ve made a topic below to ask the wider community on what they think about this. If you have any idea or suggestion on how to turn this idea into a reality then don’t hesitate to leave your reply there. Thanks :sunglasses: