Katalon recorder extension - Element id=3.01749385414125 not found

Hello ,

I’m new to Katalon recorder extension , I’m tryin to recored a drop-down selection and when i run the test case i’m getting the below error :

[info] Wait until the element is found
[error] Implicit Wait timed out after 10000ms
[error] Element id=3.01749385414125 not found
[info] Time: Thu Mar 25 2021 09:29:06 GMT+0300 (Arabian Standard Time) Timestamp: 1616653746530

the menu have 4 elements and it was recorded as shown in the screenshot

why the command didn’t record the value itself?


In the target section, you can see a down arrow indicating there are options, please click on it and choose a different target (a target for the click element is the XPath that locates that element). In other words you should select a different locator for the element, as the default locator id=3.01749385414125 is not able to locate the desired element).

You can (even should) slowdown execution of test case. It’s often cause some error. Furthermore You can consider using “select” command for dropdowns.


Thanks for your answer, i tried ( xpath=(//a[contains(@href, ‘#’)])[6] ) and it work, you can check the code below seems I have only ID which i can use

Hi @duaa.13

It seems like the IDs are dynamically generated, which means they are (likely) changed every time you refresh the page. In this case, I think using a locator such as //*[text()='Legal Counsel'] would be more appropriate, with Legal Counsel being the text of the element being selected.

If you have access to the development team you can tell them to make the ID fixed, otherwise I don’t see a lot of purpose having attributes IDs in these elements, since they are meant to uniquely locate elements across time.